Things Change

As I peruse my shelf of writing resources, Rogets Super Thesaurus,, The Elements of Style, and The Pooh Book of Quotations, I marvel at how the computer has changed the way I write. I seldom reach for those books nowadays, preferring to consult my computer’s thesaurus, which only requires typing the word I want to improve. I can pull up quotations in an instant on Google, and my computer warns me when my grammar isn’t up to snuff. Is this a good thing?

My once-necessary resources sit (hardly used) above my computer.


I may be showing my age, but I remember writing on a lined tablet with resources lined up on the desk. Today my desk sports a printer/scanner/fax machine, a notepad, a camera, a computer, and a coffee cup. Is it simpler? Is it better?
I know it’s faster. I just timed myself, and I can only write about 40 words a minute, while I type more than twice that, almost as fast as I can think. I remember being frustrated that while I wrote longhand I would often lose a thought as I wrote the previous one. That doesn’t happen at the computer.
Natalie Goldberg, revered writing guru, lauds the value of writing by hand because of the organic connections it fosters. I’ve tried to go back to it, but my arthritic paws resist these efforts. I skip letters, and my handwriting is nearly illegible when I rush. The computer is clean, quick, and correct–but is it as deep?

I still need to plan and organize by hand—old habits die hard

Many mourn the demise of the handwritten personal letter, and I must admit I’m tickled each time I receive a letter with a handwritten address, astonished if there’s a handwritten missive inside. I have one friend who still writes me longhand. Sweet.
I remember the excitement I felt at each tissue-thin blue letter from my London pen-pal, and the thrill of opening a long letter from a relative or friend was always a joy. air mail letter

It just doesn’t happen any more. We’ve all changed. A quick e-mail or text is the norm these days. I’m not quite up with the text thing, but I expect I’ll get there.

I guess I’m a victim of this new age, this new technique, this new speed. If my computer helps me get through my writing tasks a bit more quickly, I’m glad. I have a lot of things I love to do away from my desk. There are sunrises to marvel at, woods to snowshoe, and lakes to paddle.
To each his own, huh?

So this is my way, a screen surrounded with handwritten notes. And, of course, a coffee cup.

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